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Nike Hat Womens Black

"You think of the worst of the worst criminals. You have to climb over people like me to get to them. That is not an equal and fair way to achieve the ultimate punishment in our criminal justice system," Bloodsworth said.

"You can free a man from prison but you can't free Nike Hat Womens Black a man from the grave," Bloodsworth said.

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Gov. Maggie Hassan said during her 2012 election campaign that she would sign legislation to repeal the law but would not commute the death sentence of Michael "Stix" Addison, the only person in New Hampshire currently on death row who was convicted for the 2006 slaying of Manchester Police Officer Michael Briggs.

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Law enforcement officials, Sen. Kelly Ayotte and former Democratic Gov. John Lynch maintain that unlike other states, New Hampshire's death penalty law Nike Hat Mens

"There is strong, bipartisan support for New Hampshire's death penalty law because it is narrowly focused on only the most heinous of crimes. That's why Democrats like Governor John Lynch have joined Republicans in calling for this law to stay on the books to promote public safety," GOP State Committee Executive Director Matthew Slater said in a statement.

"I would say the governor of this or any other state should understand you are going to hold the worst of the worst accountable New Era Ny

Bloodsworth, 52, was convicted in 1984 for the rape and first degree murder of a 9 year old, Roseland, Md., girl. He sought DNA testing of semen evidence found at the scene after reading about the new technology used in a celebrated case in Great Britain. While Bloodsworth was told the sample had been lost, the evidence turned up in the trial judge's chamber and didn't match Bloodsworth.

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Nike Hat Womens Black

Currently, Bloodsworth is director of advocacy for the Innocence Project that highlights the 140 men and one woman who were wrongfully imprisoned.

"We've had a tradition here of strong support from Democrats and Republicans alike who've agreed for a long time that the death penalty is not working," said Cushing who heads up a Cambridge, Mass. based coalition to eliminate capital punishment.

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Another nine years later, the murder rapist confessed to the crime for which Bloodsworth was convicted.

The first American released from death row and exonerated by DNA evidence is touring the state urging lawmakers here to repeal the death penalty.

Corrections Commissioner Bill Wrenn said the state can't afford the $1.8 million cost to build a gas chamber, and Addison likely would be put to death in a prison gymnasium if all his appeals are exhausted. Lethal injection is the primary legal execution method in the state.

Hassan, the Senate majority leader at that time, voted to set the repeal bill aside in favor of a year long commission to study the costs and benefits of capital punishment.

In 2011, the Legislature approved and Lynch signed a law expanding the death penalty to cover capital murder following a home invasion.

American released from death row after being exonerated by DNA makes case to abolish Video

In 2000, the GOP led Legislature adopted a repeal bill but then Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen vetoed it. No one has been executed in the state since 1939.

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only covers premeditated murders of cops, court officers and judges, along with murders for hire and slayings during a rape, armed robbery, major drug deal or home invasion.

The New Hampshire House under Democratic control last voted for repeal in 2009.

He was released in 1993, after nine years in prison and two years on death row.

On Sunday, Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli, D Nashua, hosted a house party where Bloodsworth spoke.

with life without parole," Bloodsworth said during an interview Monday.

Kirk Bloodsworth said he's hoping New Hampshire becomes the seventh state in as many years to abolish capital punishment. Lawmakers will have that chance in the next legislative session when a bipartisan repeal bill is introduced by state Reps. Renny Cushing, D Hampton, and Rep. Robert Rowe, R Amherst, among others.

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