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Zegory Christopher Bell, 23, of Donaldsonville, La., has been arrested in connection to this investigation and charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of illegal use of weapons.

Officers went to the apartment and located Zegory Christopher Bell Jr. Bell whom had outstanding narcotics warrants already with this department was arrested and detained.

On December 19, 2012 Gonzales Detectives were able to identify the second party involved in the armed robbery as Donavan Bell, 21, of Donaldsonville, LA. He is Zegory brother.

A girlfriend of Bell, whom he was living with gave consent to search their shared apartment and the weapon used in the robbery and the victim wallet was located within the bedroom of the apartment.

Jewell Simon and his two children were sitting in their vehicle talking to the seller when a second man ran up wearing a hoodie with his face covered. He pointed a handgun in the victim face and demanded money. Simon grabbed the gun and a struggle ensued.

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no one was struck by the bullet.

Both suspects took off running in an unknown direction in the complex. The children, a 23 month old child and a 7 year old child were in the backseat of the victim vehicle during this robbery. Gonzales Police Detective Steve Nethken said they were not injured.

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New Era Ny Snapback

single round was fired, but New Era New York Cap

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New Era Ny Snapback

2 arrested for Craigslist robbery in Gonzales

Tuesday. Once they got to the meeting place, everything went wrong. They were going to buy two cell phones and they agreed to meet the seller at the Magnolia Crossing apartment complex in Gonzales on LA 44.

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"During the struggle he was able to lift me up taking advantage of not letting go of gun and slam me on ground," Simon said.

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According to Gonzales Police, the man pulled the victim through the window of the vehicle as the victim held onto the gun. A New Era 59fifty Cap

"We did a search of the New Era Ny Snapback apartment, was able to recover weapon used and we were also able to recover victim wallet from a bedroom," Nethken said.

the phones, using the name Chris. While the victim was struggling on the ground, the seller of the phones began going through the victim pants and took the victim wallet. The wallet was attached to the victim pants by a chain, and the seller of the phones ripped it from his pants.

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During the struggle, the gunman called out to the man selling Adidas Cap Gold

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