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"Employees are more apt to take care of an illness or health concern sooner, just because of the convenience of it being right here on site," she said.

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"We also find that employees really appreciate the fact that they don't have to go through the hassle of preparing lunches from home or the expense of going out to eat every day," said Gardiner.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Arthrex is its culinary department. They have their own executive chef, and meals are prepared for employees for free.

"We do our pre employment screening there, which saves the community money," said Sheriff Scott. "We would normally farm that out, Nike Hat For Girls we do that in house. We also handle some workman's comp filings there," he said.

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offers employees a safe place to work out. "This equipment you're looking at was purchased with seized money, money that's forfeited by criminals, drug dealers things of that nature," said Sheriff Mike Scott.

3 unique SWFL workplaces will make you want to jump jobs

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Fitness centers in an office, specialized healthcare, and daily catered food. If you think these are perks only for people working for companies like Google, you'd be wrong.

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"Gartner is a very unique place to work in," she said. Rivera says the vibrant environment has helped her move up in her career. "The energy, you can feel it as soon as you walk in, the excitement when deals come in, you can see people working together."

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"The energy, the feeling, the vibe that you get here, it's palpable. I think our associates love it, they come in, they're energized," Swan said.

Fitness is also on the forefront for the Lee County Sheriff's Office. A free gym Adidas Cap Red

On every floor, bright pictures grow on the walls. You'll find a colorful cafeteria, and a mixture of collaboration stations. They're spaces where employees can plug in: and work together on projects.

In Naples, Arthrex, another global company, gives employees bikes to move to and from its five buildings.

"Arthrex is a world leader in orthopedic product development and medical education for orthopedic surgeons," explained spokeswoman Lisa Gardiner. She says the company employs about 1500 people in Naples, and gives them all free gym memberships! It also has a free on site medical clinic.

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You aren't allowed to attend this gym. Unless, you happen to work for Gartner: a $1.7 billion global technology research company. One of its offices, which includes the 3,500 square foot fitness facility, is located in Fort Myers.

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Swan says this inspires creativity and with it, productive, healthy employees like Fiona Rivera.

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They're benefits for working at companies you can find right here in southwest Florida! We toured Gartner, the Lee County Sheriff's Office, and Arthrex. New York Yankees Cap Black

out virtually any time of the day." Nate Swan is the group vice president of sales. He says the company moved from a building across the street into a new building almost a year and a half ago.

They're completely different entities, with one thing in common. They believe a healthy employee is a productive employee.

The sheriff's office also has its own specialized healthcare facility called StarCare.

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"We are proud to say we experience an employee turnover rate of less than two percent. and we find that happy and health employees are very dedicated productive employees."

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