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Jordan Cap Green

David Hinojosa The Monitor Posted May 11, 2013

My guess is that this scoreboard has all the bells and whistles Nike Hats Visors

That's ONE MILLION DOLLARS to let everyone know New Era Orioles Hat

At some point, somehow, someone thought it was a good idea to propose having Weslaco ISD purchase a $1 million state of the art scoreboard for Weslaco's Bobby Lackey Stadium.

The proposed scoreboard which I mentioned before would cost $1 million measures 1,296 square feet and would be the biggest for high schools in the state. The proposed scoreboard would be a considerable upgrade from the already excellent one which measures 252 square feet and probably didn't cost $1 million that exists at the stadium.

Of course not. Not in Weslaco or anywhere else for that matter.

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

thing by tabling this item. If it comes up for vote again, I hope the school board trustees do the right thing and strike it down. I hope this pipedream fades away.

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

The proposal for the scoreboard emerged from a workshop in which a plan was presented to purchase this $1 million item. This project has been two years in the making, according to trustee Richard Rivera. He said he and the school district's director of instructional television Steve Valdez came up with the idea a couple of years ago. Once in favor of it, Rivera backed away because he believes the school district should prioritize the aforementioned items.

I'm not questioning the quality of the scoreboard. But is something like this really necessary?

and probably some pretty cool lights, video clarity and whatnot. For one million bucks, it better.

The proposal drew statewide media interest. The Dallas Morning News posted an item about it on its high school sports blog, and The Associated Press ran a short story on it. And, it wasn't because they were impressed. They were likely astonished by the audacity that this proposal reached the point where it went up for a vote.

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

Those who favored spending $1 million to buy this scoreboard said advertising revenue would be used to pay for it. That may be the case, but the school district would still have to ante up the $1 million up front to purchase the scoreboard and hope they sell enough advertising to pay for it. As someone who works in a business that relies heavily on advertising revenue, let me just say that's not guaranteed money.

HINOJOSA: $1 million for a scoreboard? Not a good idea

Jordan Cap Green

what the score is.

1 million for a scoreboard

Ya think?

Weslaco ISD did the right New Era Nba Hardwood Classic Heather Grand Fitted 59fifty Cap

I know I was.

I can't speak to what exists in Carthage, which has a 1,200 square footer currently the state's leader in ridiculous scoreboard excess. But, I'm sure it's not needed.

Jordan Cap Green

A proposal to purchase such a scoreboard was on the agenda for Weslaco's school board meeting last Monday. The school board postponed a vote on the item. One school board member said the school district should prioritize money on addressing things like faulty roofing and Jordan Cap Green increasing security instead of buying a brand new shiny toy.

Jordan Cap Green

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