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3 Nashua residents arrested in national gang sweep

Andrey Melnikov, 36, a Russian national with legal permanent residence status and an associate of the Valleros gang, was arrested in Oceanside, Calif., for auto theft. His criminal convictions include possession of weapon on school grounds/carrying loaded firearm public place and felon in possession of a firearm.

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Of the gang members arrested, 447 face criminal charges, 322 have violent criminal histories, and 421 are foreign nationals. As part of the operation, federal officials also seized 8 pounds of methamphetamine, 30 pounds of marijuana, a pound of cocaine, $70,000 in cash and two vehicles, according to ICE.

The three Nashua residents fell into this second category and will face immigration proceedings, according to Nashua police Sgt. Denis Linehan. He referred further comment to ICE officials.

The information from the Department of Homeland Security did not list the names of the Nashua residents who were arrested. ICE officials did not return phone calls seeking comment.

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The people arrested came to the United States from 24 countries in South American, Central America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, according to ICE.

"Project Southern Tempest is the largest ever ICE led gang enforcement operation targeting gangs with ties to drug trafficking organizations," said ICE director John Morton.

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Some of the arrested gang members ICE highlighted include:

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The operation, Project Southern Tempest, began in December and included the Homeland Security Investigation unit's 20,000th arrest since the anti gang program started six years ago, according to ICE.

Gustavo Morales, 52, a Mexican national and an associate of the Boomerangz gang, was arrested in Reading, Pa., for federal offenses related to narcotics and weapons violations. His criminal history has a conviction for re entry. He faces federal prosecution for illegal re entry and narcotics and weapon offenses.

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In addition to the gang members arrested, another 164 people were arrested New Era New York Yankees

members and are involved in human smuggling, identity theft, money laundering, weapons trafficking and smuggling and cyber crimes, among many other transgressions, according to ICE.

Drug trafficking isn't the only illegal business many of the street gangs are suspected of being involved in. The international gangs often include many foreign national Jordan Cap Snapback 2015

and charged with federal or state crimes or immigration violations. Of this number, 117 face criminal charges and 46 have violent criminal histories, according to ICE, and 78 are foreign nationals.

NASHUA Three Nashua residents were reportedly among the more than 700 people that federal, state and local police arrested over the past fortnight in one of the country's largest ever sweeps targeting street gangs. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations unit.

Nashua police Lt. Scott Hammond said city police were aware of whom federal officials were after and officers were with ICE officials when they were in the city, but couldn't comment on the operation.

Many of the members of these gangs are prone Adidas Cap For Women

"I can't comment on Adidas Caps Online what they were doing and what they're not doing," Hammond said.

The roundup, conducted with help from 173 local and state agencies, netted arrests in 168 cities and included gang members affiliated with 13 drug trafficking gangs based in Mexico, according to ICE.

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Rodimiro Burquez Cortez, 34, a Mexican national and Surenos gang associate was arrested in Provo, Utah, for re entry after deportation and narcotics and weapon offenses. His criminal convictions include illegal re entry; carrying a concealed weapon, assault, DWI, illegal possession of controlled substance, possession of dangerous weapon. He faces federal criminal prosecution for re entry of previously removed alien, illegal alien in possession of a firearm, and felon in possession of a firearm.

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to violent crimes, including robbery, extortion, assault, rape and murder, according to ICE.

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