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Lou Briley said Sandifer has allowed Zach to be on the sidelines and participate in the games. Sandifer even calls ahead to make sure Zach has access during playoff games.

In fact, his mother recalled one year when he had a kidney removed and went to the Wylie football game a week later.

But there have been several times that Zach has been forced to listen to the game on his radio from his hospital room.

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"It snowed 4 to 6 inches, and Zach was there," his mother said. "He was running a 102 temperature. He just had his kidney out. The doctors said because it's Zach, just let him go."

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She said he was covered in snow.

Not only is he at every varsity football game, including away games and playoff games, he also goes to the home junior varsity and junior high football games whenever possible. And he goes to cheer for many of the other sports teams as well, including basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball and tennis.

"We just look at it as a challenge instead of a disability," she said. "For Zach, it's never been a deterrent to anything he's wanted to do. He's done everything anyone else does just in a different way."

in junior high, he already had gained a reputation for being a big Bulldog supporter.

Robert and Lou, gladly carted him around to all the games. By the time he was Nike Hat Beanie

Zach has been a sports fan for as long as anyone can remember. When his family moved to the Wylie district in 1986, he was only in second grade, but he quickly became a Wylie Bulldog fan. His parents, Brooklyn Dodgers Hats

"If it's here, or if I can get to the game, I'm there for my 'Dogs," he said.

"The Booster Club gave him a plaque that described him as Wylie's No. 1 fan," Lou Briley said. "And he is still Wylie's No. 1 fan."

Nike Cap Navy

Nike Cap Navy

Zach spent four years on the Wylie sidelines ringing the bell, and he has been on the Wylie sidelines since. He was a three year letterman and earned his letterman's jacket as bell captain.

So when Zach entered high school, the Booster Club asked him to be the team bell ringer.

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"The Booster Club reinstated that position for Zach," Lou Briley said, adding that the club New Era Nfl Hats 2016

"Hugh has always been very kind to Zach," she said. "It's been a neat environment out here. They've always involved Zach. The people here are so kindhearted and think the world of Zach. We love this school district."

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Zach takes the title seriously. When he isn't working at his job at Aaron's (and sometimes when he should be), he's at a game.

"Once a 'Dog, always a 'Dog with me," he said.

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On May 4, 1996, just before Zach was scheduled to graduate, the Wylie Booster Club made his status official.

1 fan going into school

About the only thing that can keep Zach away from a game is his health. He has endured 42 surgeries, and a hospital stay is about the only thing that can come between him and Wylie sports.

"It causes paralysis," said Lou Briley, Zach's mother. "It's a permanent challenge.

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"He looked like the abominable snowman," she said.

Zach was born with spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spine fails to close properly. Doctors operated to close off his exposed spine, but the damage was permanent.

"One year when he was in the hospital, we had the radio in the room and we weren't getting good reception," Lou Briley said. "So we called one of our friends, and he was giving Zach play by play."

Zach Briley has been a fixture at Wylie football games Nike Cap Navy for almost 15 years now, moving up and down the sideline in his motorized chair with his hand cupped by his ear, asking for more noise from the crowd.

His mother said he sometimes goes to seven or eight games in one week. On Saturdays, he will go to the local college games to see Wylie graduates play.

He's as much a part of Wylie football as Bulldog mascot Spike, the flag carriers and even the band.

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dragged out "this old bell from who knows where."

And sometimes, even that can't keep him from his Bulldogs.

Nike Cap Navy

Nike Cap Navy

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