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implications of adhering to the 55% cost ratio and not adjusting any of the fare discounts would put a significant burden on adult and youth customer fares, McKendrick said.

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Lowe said he doesn have a problem granting significant discounts to seniors on social security and supplemental income. they should get a concession but not based on their age, but based on income status, he said.

Council has mandated Calgary Transit generate 55% of its Adidas Cap 2017

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Lowe, city finance committee chair, said transit is not meeting council policy with respect to how much revenue transit makes compared to how much it spends.

Neil McKendrick, manager of transit planning, said the current recommendations of Land Use, Planning and Transportation committee, would place a tremendous burden on users.

Transportation General Manager Malcolm Logan told council Arizona Cardinals Hats New Era

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discussion around that Ny Caps Blue

Facing a revenue crunch that could derail Calgary Transit ability to cover costs, one New Era Snapbacks Nba alderman is pitching a fare hike for buses and C Trains.

is whether to change the policy or change the strategy, he said.

that bureaucrats asked the transportation committee whether to place the burden on balancing its expenditures on the riders or on the taxpayers.

don have the direction that we need going into budget preparation. Druh Farrell convinced her colleagues discuss the item as an urgent matter at finance committee, considering options prepared by transit officials.

operating costs through fares and other modest sources of revenue, with the rest coming from property taxes.

turned down both recommendations, he said.

3 a ride transit cost to meet Calgary Transit's target

Administration originally suggested council reduce fare discounts to achieve the 55% revenue/cost ratio.

While city council halted debate Monday surrounding Transit struggle to keep up with funding the service, referring the matter instead to the city finance committee, Ald. Gord Lowe said boosting adult fares from $2.75 to $3 could help bridge the revenue gap.

The veteran alderman said discussions are required to adjust existing fare structures, particularly those dealing with subsidies, such as those given to seniors.

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