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Airport Director Royce Rankin said the towers, one near Nartoff Road and one near India Rock Drive, have existed for decades, and are terrain Nike Hat For Men

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approach or departure, for fear of encountering trees.

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2 towers carry warning lights for city airport

NASHUA Towers have been something of a sore point in recently in Nashua two that were proposed for a new system called WiMax were rejected, and one for cell phones is under dispute but occasionally they can crop up without notice.

As well as carrying warning lights, the towers are painted alternating red and white stripes, a standard "aircraft warning paint" method to increase their visibility in daytime.

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An example: A pair of skinny 80 foot tall towers, topped by some odd looking machinery, that have appeared near the Hollis line in the past two months.

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The towers, it turns out, are new versions of warning beacons that have long been located in woody areas west of the airport. They carry blinking lights that warn pilots at night not to come too low on Atlanta Braves Hat Black

The work Chicago Cubs Caps

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New York Yankees Cap Grey

was done as part of an airport improvement grant that also bought some new snow removal equipment.

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warning beacons, designed to alert pilots about a couple of small hills close to the airport.

Rankin said nobody's quite sure when the towers were built he estimates the 1960s but that replacement was long overdue.

The towers are noticeable because they're much taller than the ones they replace.

Rankin estimated the two towers cost about $135,000, installed.

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The problem, said Eric Strand, an engineer with Gale Associates in New York Yankees Cap Grey Bedford who oversaw the work, was that trees had outgrown the old towers.

"The old (beacon towers) are 35 feet tall . and the trees are (around) 50 feet," he said.

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