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New York Giants Caps

She knew cancer was in her family, but she was not expecting a diagnosis of breast cancer at age 26, which resulted in a double mastectomy andreconstruction.

New York Giants Caps

New York Giants Caps

Because of his surgery, his left leg is shorter. He has a metal prosthesis in his leg Atlanta Braves Hat Snapback

She embraced her baldness throughout her treatment and she and her brother, boyfriend, mother and father decorated her head in fun designs such as soccer balls and Mr. PotatoHead.

Knickman's life, except for scans now. During seventh grade spring break, he had pains right above his left knee that he thought were sports related. During the summer, however, he ended up in the hospital with a diagnosis of metastatic osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and for the next two years, endured seven operations andchemotherapy.

She said she benefited from the Wellness Community and found it was important to keep a strong support system, as well as her sense ofhumor.

New York Giants Caps

"The home schooling was nowhere near the quality of being in the classroom, and you can't retain the information as well," he said. "That will be something I will have to work on for the rest of my highschool.

New York Giants Caps

"People are cheering and ringing cowbells along the sidelines. It's very exciting," said Mary Klem, director of media relations at Amgen. "The Amgen Breakaway Mile is a very movingevent."

This will be 28 year old Thousand Oaks Amgen employee Tegan Wheeler's first year as part of the Breakaway Mile. It is also her first year as a cancersurvivor.

New York Giants Caps

Carson Daly, host of NBC's "The Voice" and "Last Call with Carson Daly" will be joining Wheeler and Knickman and the other walkers during the BreakawayMile.

"They had to take out a fair amount of his quadriceps muscle, so he does have some unbalance, but he was a good cyclist before, so he's gotten back to it probably easier than a lot of people would have," his mothersaid.

Cancer is no longer a part of Newbury Park Ny Cap Blue

New York Giants Caps

"The comparison between cycling and battling cancer is an interesting one, because both require strength and will," Daly said. "My advice to cancer patients is don't write anything off. Don't assume the answers. Educate yourself. Don't quit. Cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. That's why I'm proud to partner with Breakaway from Cancer, which does incredible work educating and providing important resources to those affected by cancer from prevention throughsurvivorship."

Both of his parents were professional cyclists when they were younger and they knew of the Breakaway from Cancerinitiative.

Two Conejo Valley cancer survivors will take part Sunday in Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer initiative called the Amgen Breakaway Mile downtown LosAngeles.

New York Giants Caps

New York Giants Caps

The one mile walk is the ceremonial start to the eighth and final stage of the Amgen Tour of California, which began May 13 in SantaRosa. Live before the professional cyclistsarrive.

Looking back, Andreas said the toughest part of the ordeal was the school he missed and the long term effects of the fragility ofhisleg.

New York Giants Caps

"Also, Andreas used an Amgen product during his treatment," said his mother, Debbie. "We got involved,naturally."

2 Conejo Valley cancer survivors to participate in Breakaway Mile

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"When my hair started falling out, it was the New York Giants Caps day of my brother's wedding and I was in the hospital," Wheeler said. "I styled my hair into a Mohawk and put on the bridesmaid dress I was supposed to wear and took pictures so he could have them at his weddingreception."

New York Giants Caps

"I've learned it can happen to women before age 40 and there should be a more rigorous screening process for younger women," Wheeler said. "I was lucky to have been diagnosed early and the fact that I worked at Amgen, everyone was so supportive of my treatment and there are great benefits at Amgen. Amgen does such great things to help people withcancer."

"Having cancer gives you a good perspective on life and the insignificance of a lot of things that you once thought were such a big deal," hesaid.

and an artificialknee.

"For that time, it would make me forget I wasn't feeling well," shesaid.

New York Giants Caps

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