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Agency last week released the Public Education Grant list of schools that failed to meet minimum academic standards. Across the state, 892 schools made the list, up from 456 in 2012.

3 BISD schools short of mark

For 2013 2014 BISD has initiated a Believe in BISD campaign to boost district attendance figures. Pedraza said the number of students with perfect attendance increased by about 1,600 students over the 2012 2013 school year.

Later, Joe Pedraza, administrator of BISD's Public Education Information Management System, or PEIMS, announced that the district's overall attendance rate increased to 96.67 percent for fall semester 2013, compared to 95.7 percent for fall 2012.

The meeting was the first at which former New Era Hats Uk board President Enrique Escobedo, who died last month, was not present. The first part of the meeting was dedicated to tributes in Escobedo's honor.

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New Era Hats Uk

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New Era Hats Uk

The other BISD schools, 54 in all, earned the 2013 top state rating of "Met Standard" based on their performance in the state's new accountability system. BISD as a district also earned a "Met Standard" rating in 2013.

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New Era Hats Uk

New Era Hats Uk

Two of the three BISD schools on the PEG list, Canales Elementary and Faulk Middle School, originally earned the unacceptable rating under the state's Baltimore Orioles Hats

New Era Hats Uk

Randy Park, administrator of Pupil Services, announced attendance leaders for the third six weeks of the fall semester. In addition to the attendance leaders, Park announced that Cummings Middle School met its attendance goal for the first time in three years with 97.01 percent for the semester.

distinction designation in three areas. BISD ranked higher than several large Texas districts in this category.

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Porter High School was placed on the 2013 list because it missed one of the four index targets under the state's new accountability system. Porter is taking significant steps to improve its standing, she said.

District attendance leaders for the third six weeks were Canales Elementary with 97.9 percent, Lucio Middle School with 98.71 percent, and Porter High School with 96.97 percent.

Meanwhile, 11 BISD schools also earned the prestigious triple Nike Cap Strap Back

BISD earned more triple distinction designations than Alief (9), Corpus Christi (5), El Paso (8), Fort Worth (7), Northside (10), San Antonio (8), and Ysleta (10) and tied with Austin at 11, Brown said.

In addition, 18 schools achieved distinction in two of the three areas, Pam Van Ravenswaay, BISD administrator of Assessment, Research and Evaluation, told the BISD Board of Trustees at its Tuesday night meeting as she reviewed the annual state accountability report.

previous accountability system, district spokeswoman Drue Brown said. The schools have improved greatly, but it takes two years to get off the list, she noted.

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