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Credit card statements over the past two years show teachers and administrators spent thousands of dollars in federal grant money at expensive hotels and restaurants at professional conferences, including nearly $1,200 at a single meal in Las Vegas last October.

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And there are certain expenses that the district will probably never know whether they were legitimate or paid back or not, Eggert told the board. And there were items paid for with federal grants, including alcohol, "the federal government is not OK with."

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Eggert noted that there were "no controls" in place.

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and laid out recommendations for the district to prevent future problems.

"Personally, I would be happy to release the minutes and the report. However, we must act in the best interest of the district, even if it leaves some question as to our actions."

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Those were among the revelations included in the unsealed minutes from a meeting between Manchester attorney Dean Eggert and the School Board on April 24.

for the district to have only one credit card and for it to be in the name of a specific person," Eggert told the board, Nike Hat Gray

WILTON Trevor Ebel, the former superintendent of the Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative School District, made almost $2,000 worth of inappropriate purchases on the School District's credit card in 2010 11, the same credit card he would eventually cut up into pieces and leave on the accounts payable desk.

In the course of the investigation period, the 2010 11 fiscal year, Ebel had requested two paychecks before the pay date, which, Eggert said, "makes the SAU almost a lender of the employee." The superintendent was requesting payroll advances as late as this past December, he said.

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"When the policy was pointed out to Mr. Ebel by other employees, they were told to waive it for him," according to the minutes.

According to the minutes, Eggert also brought up the issue of payroll advances, which had been noted by the independent audit.

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A Hillsborough County Superior Court judge last week ordered the board to release the minutes from the April 24 meeting. However, the ruling stopped short of releasing the written report of Eggert's investigation, allowing the School Board to keep it sealed.

of charges and he also accrued $387 worth of fees because he delayed payment on some of the charges.

"Due to this fact, there are many items that will have no explanation," Eggert told the board.

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Ebel also took cash advances from the School District, knowingly violating district policy, according to unsealed School Board minutes from April 24.

On April 9, Nike Cap Photos the accounts payable employee found the district's credit card cut up into pieces on her desk, according to the minutes. That was just days after The Telegraph requested the School District's credit card statements.

The Telegraph had requested a copy of the minutes and Eggert's report, but the board denied the request. The New Hampshire Union Leader took the matter to court.

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It is "very problematic New Era Miami Dolphins

Ebel signed a consultancy agreement with the School District to be paid $8,000, based on his $98,000 annual salary. By late in May, school officials said he had not been consulted.

Eggert, who had been hired by the School Board to look into irregularities flagged by a routine School District audit, reported at the meeting that Ebel still owed the district $587 worth Boston Celtics Caps

Brock recently explained the board's decision to seal the minutes and the report in a letter posted to the district website Friday.

2k wrongly charged to credit card in Ebel's name discussed

The vast majority of the $73,000 in charges over the life of the card were "due and proper," Eggert said, and about $1,900 were inappropriate.

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"The district is obligated, as a public employer, to object to the release of documents that pertain to its internal personnel practices, as well as documents which might constitute an invasion of privacy," the board chairman wrote.

Ebel resigned April 24 after refusing to participate in a meeting Eggert set up with the superintendent and his lawyer.

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