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Adidas Hat Womens Pink

In addition, Fitzpatrick told members of the media that his office will present evidence to a grand jury that they hope they will result in a lawsuit against CSX, the railroad company responsible for the bridge that the Megabus slammed into in September. He believes the company could face criminal liability as well, considering the number of low bridge accidents that have taken place there.

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4 passengers in Megabus crash file lawsuits

Adidas Hat Womens Pink

completed investigation. Megabus drivers are not paid unless they are working.

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Adidas Hat Womens Pink

Earlier Monday, Fire Department personnel suggested that the bridge spanning the Parkway be raised or the road lowered to prevent future crashes. Others say better lights on the bridge or placing an overhead barrier across the road would be helpful deterrents for drivers whose vehicles are too tall.

"This is not some 20 year old who rented a van to take his college furniture back home. This is a trained driver who has the lives of 25 to 30 people in his hands while driving that bus," District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said during a Friday press conference.

The passengers' lawsuits seek more than $50,000 each in compensation for injuries they suffered when a Megabus heading from Philadelphia to Toronto got lost in Syracuse and crashed into the CSX railroad bridge.

The driver, John Tomaszewski, who was released from the hospital on Monday, told the Sheriff's Department that he was listening to the device in order to get directions to the Regional Transportation Center after missing the turn.

Along with the four people killed in the crash, 23 others were hurt. One of them, Candice Burks, has already sued the bus company and the driver for severe head, neck, and back injuries she suffered in the accident. CSX, in the meantime, issued a statement late Friday afternoon, saying they continue to cooperate with the investigation.

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According to police, Tomaszewski was using a personal GPS when his 13 foot high double decker struck a bridge with less than 11 feet of clearance.

An Onondaga County grand jury will also be asked to look at possible criminal charges against the driver and CSX, the railroad company that owns the bridge.

"Well, don't tell me, tell that to the families of the four dead people, how expensive it's gonna be 'cause I don't think they care," Fitzpatrick said.

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Four of the 28 Megabus passengers were killed and the driver and other passengers were hurt in the crash on the Onondaga Lake Parkway Sept. 11.

"There is a level of frustration and concern," Sheriff Walsh said. "This has been a problem for many years, and the remedies the State has come up with have not solved the problem for us."

Syracuse (WSYR TV) The Onondaga County District Attorney announced on Friday morning that his office will investigate the possibility of leveling criminal charges against the driver of the Megabus whose alleged negligence resulted in the death of four passengers in September. He is also taking to task the company responsible for the bridge that the bus slammed into, saying Adidas Hat Womens Pink that it is high time something was done about a bridge that presents such danger.

In the past, Fitzpatrick has had discussions with the State Department of Transportation and CSX regarding the bridge. Both have told him making alterations to the bridge would be costly and expensive. During the press conference, Fitzpatrick offered a counter argument. Adidas Cap Asos

(AP) Four passengers involved in the fatal crash of a double decker bus that hit a railroad bridge in suburban Syracuse have filed lawsuits against the bus company and the driver.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) A woman injured when a double decker bus crashed into a railroad bridge in Salina that killed four, filed suit Friday over the accident. The suit seeks more than $50,000. Shanin Specter, the lawyer who filed it, believes it to be the first suit filed over the crash.

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Liverpool (WSYR TV) During an emotional meeting in Liverpool, firefighters discussed and reflected on what they saw Saturday when they responded to the deadly Megabus crash on Onondaga Lake Parkway. Four people were killed in the crash, and 23 others were hurt.

start the healing process.

Chicago based Megabus operates about 100 double decker buses on scheduled routes to 33 cities in the Northeast and Midwest, has carried close to 7 million passengers since its launch in 2006, with no previous fatal highway accidents, the company said.

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The sheriff will meet with the Onondaga County District Attorney's office in the next few days to discuss whether any tickets will be issued or charges filed in the case.

The driver of the Megabus, John Tomaszewski, was released from the Hospital Monday. The investigation into the crash is continuing. So far, no tickets have been issued.

The crash is a moment many of the rescue crew members will never forget. Counselors were on hand at the fire department Monday evening to jump Air Jordan Cap Black

"What [Sheriff Kevin Walsh] and I are talking about is seeing that it wont happen again. It's obviously too late for four people and their families, but to say we're going to put up another sign up, or use brighter paint, it's just not acceptable," Fitzpatrick said.

Investigators found the device and were able to confirm that it was personal because they found his home address programmed into it. There is no indication that Tomaszewski was using or reaching for a cell phone at the time of the crash.

Senior VP of Safety for Coach USA, Don Carmichael told NewsChannel 9 that Tomaszewski has been withheld from service pending the New Era Hats Nfl

Tomaszewski did not immediately return a message left at a number listed for him. Calls to the companies, Olympia Trails Bus Co. and Coach USA, were not immediately returned. on Sept. 11 in Salina.

Fitzpatrick will also give evidence to a grand jury he believes could results in criminally negligent homicide charges against the bus driver, John Tomaszewski. An Onondaga County Sheriff's Office investigation found that Tomaszewski was distracted by a GPS device when the Megabus crashed.

Adidas Hat Womens Pink

Personal use of a GPS device is against company policy. When drivers are lost, the company expects them to pull over and ask for directions.

Salina (WSYR TV) Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh has confirmed the driver of a Megabus that crashed into a railroad bridge across Onondaga Lake Parkway, killing four people, was using his personal GPS at the time.

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