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amount of data lost (images, video, etc.)

I have had an incredible failure rate with hard drives beginning around the time that the move to perpendicular recording became the norm. I am not alone in this regard. I'm pretty sure that the drive manufacturer's are aware of serious reliability issues, but their RMA policies are ridiculous. I would be willing to pay current market prices for a new drive if vendors stepped up their game with quality control and some appropriate policies addressing data security in the event that a drive is returned the risk of granting someone else access to my banking, tax information, and whatever else was on the failed drive is generally not worth returning the drive. Vendors know this, and take advantage of it. Until the situation changes, or drives return to their previous rock bottom sale prices, I will do everything in my power to avoid purchasing more hard drives.

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

consumer type SATA drives by mistake; almost all of them were dead within a week. For Seagate

It doesn't feel like HD vendors are making products suitable for the safe keeping of data when

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

As drive capacities increase, the consequences of a failure become more serious in terms of Nike Cap White Price


There are two reasons for that. First of all this is a new product, so it doesn't have the best bang for buck value out there. If you want the cheapest $/GB HDD you New York Giants Caps

I was told by a movie studio guy a while ago that they were once supplied with a batch of ordinary

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

(for example), get the models that end with NS if you want reliability, not AS (or try hunting for 15KPatrick/Aschim, a couple of typos/points:

". while hard drives safeguard our digital memories and databases."

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

The Caviar Green drives come with a two year warranty, while the Caviar Black and VelociRaptor families are backed by Atlanta Braves Hats New Era five year coverage. This is similar to Seagate's approach to the Barracuda and Barracuda XT. The Caviar Green is the slowest hard drive in this round up in terms of throughput (122 MB/s max), but also in many of the I/O tests. Does that matter? If you're only leaning on the drive for archiving data, not really. But it would if you planned on running applications from it dependent on high throughput.

4 TB Hard Drives Take On The 3 TB Competition

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

The only 3 TB hard drive from Western Digital is a Caviar Green model, which aims at energy efficient systems. The drive is different from all the others in that it pairs a 5400 RPM spindle speed with 64 MB of Ny Hat Blue

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

formally dropped in 1948 to avoid confusion with a term found in Spanish and French for IOMeter 2006.07.27 4K Random: should be 'Reads' instead of 'Reades'.

warranties are as little as a year. I'd rather the industry started leaning more towards reliability.

cache and 3 TB of capacity. The company's strategy includes the VelociRaptor drive, which recently hit 1 TB. That's WD's performance family, which clearly outperforms any other mechanical hard drive aside from some of the enterprise oriented models out there. So, a line of 7200 RPM 3.5" disks simply wouldn't make as much sense for Western Digital.

Well not bad but would like to have seen more though, I own three 2TB Hitachi 5400 rpm drives that I bought last September on the cheap. Performance wise they are pretty decent compared to crappy 1tb WD blue editions that I also have. As for benching well slap a os on them and see how they perform then. No where near as good as they had benched empty or with just some static data. As for evolution of performance it is sad to see decade old ide drives offer roughly 1/4 to 1/5 the performance of a modern 1tb sata2 drive. Back to Hitachi they run very cool and are built pretty solid but the newer ones (post flood) seam to not be as good as the old ones like all the other brands. To many doa and far to many slugs that make people want to chew the carpets.

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

Drive Surface Temperature (C): this should be Celsius, not Centigrade (the latter was

probably need to look at 2TB drives. (I recently saw a 2TB external USB 3.0 drive selling for approx. 110$ ; externals are more expensive than internals)

The second reason, and Tom's has mentioned this a few times on the website, is due to the flooding in Thailand last year that severely hindered the manufacture of HDDs, so supply was diminished. As far as I know, inflation in HDD prices will still take a few more months to subside.

Atlanta Braves Hats New Era

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