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Dr. Craig Parman Of Agilix Corporation Presents Data Demonstrating The Identification And Discovery Of Low Expressed Genes Using CombiMatrix's (CBMX) CustomArray(TM) PlatformMerck Co. (MRK) And Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Agree To Collaborate On Discovery Of New Drugs For Treatment Of Viral Infections

Jordan Hats White

The GenCompass technology provides a universal gene expression platform that can profile all of the genes New Era London

Jordan Hats White

Jordan Hats White


in any organism, surveying the entire transcriptome. CustomArray is a new custom microarray from CombiMatrix that enables the researcher to specify content, from any gene or sequence, onto the microarray. At BioArrays 2004 New York Agilix reports using GenCompass and the CustomArray to discover 250 transcripts, previously unknown, that may be associated with human brain diseases including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The technologies Nike Hat Man

Jordan Hats White

1 Demonstrates New Combination Technologies To Discover Novel Gene Transcripts In Human Brain Diseases And Other Applications

Location Of Potential Familial Lung Cancer Gene DiscoveredScientists Pinpoint Molecules That Generate Synapses

Jordan Hats White

Agilix Corporation Study In Nature Biotechnology Validates First Universal Microarray RNA Expression Analysis SystemCodexis (MAXY) Announces Broad Technology Collaboration With Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

203 772 4169 212 918 4650

Jordan Hats White

Agilix Corporation Details Advanced Multiplexed Protein Labeling Technology For Biomarker DiscoverySan Francisco Plans Tax Exemption For Biotech Firms

"This study demonstrates the value of GenCompass for drug discovery and development, where the genetic sequences of diseased tissues or even entire organisms are not yet widely available," said Martin J. Mattessich, president and CEO of Agilix Corporation. "The newly discovered human transcripts can be placed on probes for further research to develop possible biomarkers or even potential therapeutics. Similarly, the canine discoveries can form the basis for probes for a variety of pharmaceutical studies and other animal based applications."

Agilix is exploring a number of opportunities to partner with other companies and institutions to realize the scientific and commercial potential of GenCompass and these findings. Agilix is also developing the i PROT Atlanta Hawks Hat

system for protein identification. Like GenCompass, i PROT is useful for developing biomarkers and for resolving critical bottlenecks in drug development.

Jordan Hats White

Martin J. Mattessich Stephen Gendel

were also used to identify more than 2000 novel canine transcripts.

Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. And Shionogi Co., Ltd. Sign Agreement For Development And Commercialization Of The First In Class Bridged Bicyclic Ketolide Antibiotic EP 013420 In Japan And East Asian CountriesGenetic Model For Devastating Form Of Paraplegia Suggests New Treatments

Jordan Hats White

Agilix Corporation is a Jordan Hats White leading developer of functional genomics and proteomics platform technologies to aid in the discovery and analysis of genes, their protein products and related biological functions. The Company's services help reduce the risk, cost and time to market for new pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural products. Agilix is headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut.

Jordan Hats White

Jordan Hats White

NEW YORK, and NEW HAVEN, Conn., July 27 /PRNewswire/ Agilix Corporation today announced discovery of low level, specific transcripts not previously identified in canine tissues, and in human brain tissues associated with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. The findings were made using GenCompass(TM), Agilix' microarray based "open" expression profiling system in combination with CustomArray(TM), a custom microarray from CombiMatrix Corporation. The findings are being presented today at the second international BioArrays 2004 New York meeting. These findings demonstrate that this application of Agilix' GenCompass in combination with CombiMatrix' CustomArray provides an efficient and therefore, cost effective means to identify specific transcripts even when they are expressed at low levels."

CONTACT: Martin J. Mattessich of Agilix Corporation, +1 203 772 4169; orStephen Gendel of GendeLLindheim BioCom Partners, +1 212 918 4650Related News

Jordan Hats White

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