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Nike Hat For Boys

Nike Hat For Boys

Nike Hat For Boys

festivals and gallerys throughout Texas for his glossy stoneware vases, bowls, cups, and other pieces bearing his signature clay frog.

Patience is the key.

Nike Hat For Boys

"It's a hard question to answer," she said. "When you make a piece you have to let it dry. Then you add the decorations and let it dry completely."

Nike Hat For Boys

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Next comes a trip to the kiln. The piece is glazed and put back in the kiln.

"Clay has the right time to do certain things to it," she said. "If you're waiting on it, then you tend to rush it.

Kersey creates both studio pottery and architectural ceramics such as backsplashes for kitchens in custom houses. She is currently working on a 75 square root mural for a home.

tested and tested and tested before I chose a barium matte glaze," he said. "It's very nice to have a soft, matte surface."

The works of three ceramicists on exhibit at the Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum show that working with clay is far from a simple task and the results can be very special.

If the clay is too wet, Kersey said you run the risk of distorting the piece or worse yet, making it collapse.

Because of this, Kersey almost always is working on several projects at any given time.

It usually takes Kersey about two weeks to complete a piece.

Nike Hat For Boys

Vorakit Chinookoswong, known widely as V. Chin, said a Brooklyn Nets Caps

Nike Hat For Boys

Nike Hat For Boys

V. Chin

"It's a long process," she said.

Curated by Forrest Garling, "3 Ceramicists" exhibits the work of , V. Chin and David Trauba."I used to play basketball in college," Kersey said by phone from her studio in San Antonio. "I'm naturally attracted to team sports and things with a big community. In ceramics, there's always a big community there's always somebody firing a kiln or willing to help you unload a kiln."

'3 Ceramists' examines various pottery techniques with special results

"That way the piece tells me what to do instead of I'm trying to force myself on it," she said.

Nike Hat For Boys

"If you always have a lot of things going on in different stages then it's easy to Nike Hat For Boys work on each piece when it's ready for you to work on it."

"It balances things out with the pottery," she said.

Nike Hat For Boys

"But drawing and painting are both solitary pursuits," she said. "That didn't appeal to me."

Nike Hat For Boys

Kersey originally started in a different direction in her art studies. She has a degree in drawing.

great deal of experimentation comes into play before choosing a glaze for his works.

Chin has been crafting porcelain and stoneware pieces for more than 30 years. He's well known at art Chicago White Sox Hat

Nike Hat For Boys

Nike Hats Boys

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