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"There will be no need to appropriate street paving costs in the general fund operating budget and accordingly these costs will not be subject to the spending cap," she wrote in an email.

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Nike Hat Burgundy

and into the new road and highway fund. It would be coupled with $700,000 worth of revenue from motor vehicle fees.

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"Number one, you've got to keep the school budget in check and the police budget in check," he said.

Moriarty said he agrees more funding is needed for road repairs. When he was campaigning last fall, the condition of the roads was one of the top three concerns he heard from Democrats and Republicans alike, he said.

"It's mathematically identical to a spending cap override," he said.

to the aldermen earlier this month, proposing an increase of about 2.2 percent.

That's because special revenue funds are often self sustaining and don't figure into the spending cap, which ties the growth in government spending to inflation.

"Using this revenue not generated from property taxes for the purpose for which it is intended, provides us the opportunity to double the amount we are putting into road infrastructure," she wrote, adding, "I believe the majority of our taxpayers will appreciate their dollars being spent this way."

The change would mean that Lozeau's proposed $256.5 million budget for the coming fiscal year would come in a little more than $200,000 underneath the spending cap.

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Some already are referring to the proposal as an end run around the spending cap.

Lozeau handed off her budget package Jordan Cap Space Jam

"It is a great opportunity to increase the amount we put into our roads, and the nexus of the funding sources to the spending is solid," Lozeau wrote in an email Friday. "I also think in the long term it will provide a good basis to work from."

NASHUA Concerns are growing among some aldermen about a central feature of Mayor Donnalee Lozeau's budget proposal that would move $2 million out of the general fund and into a special revenue fund, making it exempt from the city's spending cap.

Lozeau said she hopes creating the fund will help the city make headway on road repairs.

2 million move in Nashua budget proposal

Fiscal prudence and holding down budget increases in all city departments is the place to New Era Minnesota North Stars

Nike Hat Burgundy

Nike Hat Burgundy

start, he said.

Nike Hat Burgundy

Lozeau contends Nashua taxpayers have already ponied up for the money that would flow into the new road and highway fund by paying user fees to the state and the city.

But the mayor's proposal also would essentially make appropriations for roadwork exempt from the spending cap calculation.

Lozeau denied that charge Friday, arguing the purpose of the special revenue fund is to provide a dedicated funding source for road and highway expenditures, such as street paving.

Lozeau proposes moving a $1,347,000 block grant from the state out of the general fund Adidas Hat Mens

The issue centers around Lozeau's proposal to create a new Special Road and Highway Fund for paving and roadwork. Lozeau is proposing appropriations of a little more than $2 million in the fund for the fiscal 2015 budget. Money would come from state block grants and motor vehicle revenue.

Nashua residents are invited to weigh in on the budget at meetings of the aldermanic Budget Review Committee and at a public hearing set for June 9 at City Hall.

"There is a $2 million problem in this budget, and whether you call it a revenue hole or a spending overage, there is a $2 million hole," Alderman at Large Dan Moriarty said last week.

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But Moriarty said he disagrees with the mayor Nike Hat Burgundy on how to achieve the goal of allocating more money for street repairs.

Moriarty said he anticipates the mayor's proposal will face challenges when it comes before the Board of Aldermen.

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But if the measure isn't approved, balancing the books could become more challenging.

Nike Hat Burgundy

Nike Hat Burgundy

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