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and if u like to multitask split the drive for it's specific purpose is better, it helps performance and reliability.

If you are cash limited rather buy some decent but smaller one then when you are filled to the last byte, buy some new storage like device.

Seagate is using barracuda names for it's 5900rpm and 7200rpm drives I was referring the later.

That. Thats why I'm not using Seagate drives anymore since in few last years 3/3 of their drives was sent for RMA.

And thats exactly my point while Nike Hat Kids

You must remember another thing, copying files from a slow as crap HDD to another drive will in vastly most cases be faster than copying files within the same but fast drive, since in first scenario both drives are doing a single job (1st reads, 2nd writes) in a single setup one drive do both thats why its theoretical read/write speed is almost a half.

Well I'm only used standard 7200rpm disk (Caviar blue/barracuda) in my system. so In my mind bigger are better.

Yes you are correct to not use low rpm drives in general as a single drive, its bad in so many ways.

Nike Cap Amazon

Nike Cap Amazon

btw u need to care when buy hdd do a testing after setup lately newer model hdd is more prone to failing i got some drive that fails before a year,

But when you consider they are cheap, its perfect as a backup/storage device. who burns cd/dvd/br nowadays when its actually more suitable/faster/economical to simply buy a huge cheap drive, put crap on it and even detach it and put it to a rat hole. Its funny but true.

1TB and 2TB HDD Solved

Maybe it just me but I'm cannot stand the speed on 5900rpm drives when i tried to run/copy/move something.

Nike Cap Amazon

Nike Cap Amazon

Nike Cap Amazon

3) Storage device in definition moves data rarely, for watching movies or listening the mp3 its far more than enough. Paying twice for the 10 20% speed boost isn't reasonable in that case.

Nike Cap Amazon

4) If you have 1 HDD, if it fails you have lost all. If you have 2 drives the most probably the OS one will die first since its online almost all the time, used more often so will meet MTBF quicker. The data storage on only spins up (ofc if you setup it like that) when you need it. So generally your data collection is rather more safe.

2) Barracuda is Nike Cap For Men

Ofc I'd rather have 5TB of SSD drive but that would cost far more then its worth.

I might be wrong or unlucky but when you burn once you are somehow more careful in the future.

1) Caviar Blue series have max 1TB drives

I once use a 5900rpm drives in my office pc with all cramped in it (OS, Data, apps) it quite a bad experience

(that before I tried ssd, u got to try ssd when u got extra money ). also my collection quite large and often moved/added, but hey it's a preference or maybe it just me.

The Green ones "5200 rpm" is simply to slow even as a data disk and the red/Black/raptor too expensive to consider. I would rather go with ssd.

Nike Cap Amazon

Nike Cap Amazon

5200rpm is a failure disk that should be avoided, even the manufacturer said/admit it was (seagate WD), the power saving is not much since 7200rpm can do task faster hence the power used stop much quickly.

contrast with my 7 5 old year old hdd that still running fine.

Personally I'm using 64 GB Intel SSD for SRT, 1TB Caviar Blue for an OS + IO fragile data and 4TB Caviar Green for copy and forget data. Thanks to SRT you are getting enough boost to forget about the classic hard drive limits.

having 1 drive only is a bad choice nowadays.

also available as a Green series (5900rpm) which seems to be surprisingly fast Nike Cap Amazon so thats the opposite to what you are implying.

In that in mind I'd rather choose smaller but faster device as a SSD drive or for example Caviar Blue (which series for now is limited to 1TB) for an OS drive and some Huge Caviar Green for a storage device. Mounting New Era Anaheim Ducks

anyways i suggest to avoid 5900rpm drives and if the biggest of the 7200rpm drive u can get is 1Tb then the 1Tb that u should aim.

It really depends how many games, movies and songs would you install and on that HDD gonna be your OS booting drive.

a single super fast drive is kind of waste and on the other hand putting big and lazy drive is no the best solution either.

What you must know is some drives are rather used as a storage devices than a performance drive.

contrast with my 7 5 old year old hdd that still running fine.

Nike Cap Amazon

btw u need to care when buy hdd do a testing after setup lately newer model hdd is more prone to failing i got some drive that fails before a year,

Nike Cap Amazon

Nike Cap Amazon

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